Automated Calling Services

Automated Calling Services – Today’s take on an age-old Tactic

It once was the custom of lodges to use a calling tree system in order to get the word out to the members regarding lodge activities. The Master would call his officers and each officer would call an assigned list of members. The increasingly busy schedule of today’s population coupled with advances in technology have produced a new method of “spreading the word” – automated calling.

Today, the Master of a Lodge or his representative may record a message and then have it sent out automatically to all of his members or select groups within the lodge, i.e. officers, Past Masters, members living within 50 miles.
This automated service is relatively inexpensive when compared to “snail mail,” which though it has its purpose as a part of an effective Lodge communication strategy does not serve well for more immediate needs.

Dial My Calls is an automated calling company that has agreed to provide Ohio Lodges with this important service at a 20% discount, making the service even more inexpensive. There are a number of other companies that provide similar services, and Lodges may use whichever company they prefer.