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This is the surviving sign from the Goose & Gridiron pub, where the Masons formed their Grand Lodge on June 24, 1717.

Masonic tradition holds that on June 24, 1717, the Masons of the four old lodges in London, England met to revive the tradition of feasting on St. John the Baptist Day (June 24) and on St. John the Evangelist Day (December 27). In order to maintain the revival, these men created a Grand Lodge. Over the last 300 years, the administrative responsibilities of this Grand Lodge have evolved, and other Grand Lodges have been formed as the fraternity spread across the globe.

“Masonic lodges existed before that time,” explains C. Michael Watson, Grand Secretary, “but the 1717 date represents the basic, creative step in the overall continuity and agreement of principles that still govern the international fraternity we have today.”

The Grand Lodge of Ohio was formed in 1808 and observed its 200th anniversary a few years ago. In the United States, there is at least one Grand Lodge in every state. Often there are two. The Grand Lodge of Ohio and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio govern their lodges within the state. Total US membership numbers nearly 1.2 million.

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Brother John Glenn passes at age 95

After a week-long hospital stay, John Glenn passed away December 8th in Columbus at the age of 95. He is survived by his wife and two adult children.

John Herschel Glenn, Jr. was born in Cambridge, Ohio on July 18, 1921.

Glenn is an American hero and a proud son of Ohio. He rose to fame by being the first American to orbit the earth, but he continued to serve America and the Buckeye state for the rest of his life.

Glenn served in the US military first as a pilot and later as an astronaut from 1941-1965, retiring from the Marine Corps. He served as a Democratic Senator from Ohio from 1974-1999.

At age 77, he returned to space aboard the space shuttle for a nine day mission in 1998, which made him the oldest person to ever fly in space.

His final years were spent in support of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University.

Brother Glenn was made a Mason at sight on August 19, 1978 in Chillicothe, Ohio by the constitutional authority of the then Grand Master Jerry C. Rasor. Glenn had petitioned Concord Lodge No. 688 in 1964, but life got in the way. He was a member of Malta Lodge No. 118 when he passed away. He was also a member of the Scottish Rite and was awarded the 33rd degree in recognition of his service to humanity.

Well done good and faithful servant.