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Public Relations are an essential part of the business of every Lodge and every Mason. It is only through positive public relations that members of our communities learn what Freemasonry is and what it has to offer to its members and the community at large.

This portion of the Grand Lodge web site provides several "fill-in-the-blank" templates for suggested news releases. They are provided in this format so that you can copy and paste them into a document, which will allow you to fill in your information. Please print the finalized release on your Lodge's letterhead. The more professional your release appears the more likely it will be that it is printed.

In order to be the most successful with your news releases, you should do a couple of things. First, call your local newspapers and find out who would be the best person for you to send your news releases. Second, take the time to make an appointment with this person and meet with them briefly to explain who you are and that you will be sending in periodic news releases for your Lodge that you hope the newspaper will print. Ask them for advice on how they would like to receive the releases, i.e. hand delivered, fax, mail, or email.

By establishing a personal dialogue with the person in charge of printing or not printing your releases, you should be able to maximize your success.

Lastly, keep a scrapbook of the news releases that do make it into the paper. This will come in handy to show perspective candidates at Lodge Friendship Nights and other events. Such a scrapbook will also be appreciated by future Lodge historians.

Good luck, and remember it is difficult to have candidates for your Lodge, if no one knows you exist.

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