The Ohio Masonic Home serves as the trusted partner to help people age respectfully, giving seniors the option to remain independent while enjoying an active lifestyle. It was founded over 125 years ago by the Grand Lodge, the York Rite, and the Scottish Rite. Today it operates as an independent corporation with representatives of these Masonic organizations sitting on its board.

Campuses, located in Springfield, Waterville and Medina, Ohio, offer the opportunity to maintain an independent lifestyle without worry, with the following services:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Rehabilitation & Therapy
  • Memory Care

In earlier years, the Ohio Masonic Home was thought of as a place to go if you did not have money or your health would not let you live independently. Today, it is so much more. It is a community for living well and enjoying your senior years. Help is there if needed, but most residents live independent, productive lives.

Masonic Home Resource Center.

Most people do not want to move to a retirement community away from friends and family. They want to stay in their own homes where they are comfortable. To help make this basic desire possible, the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center provides all manner of assistance to those with a Masonic connection. The Resource center is staffed by knowledgeable staff, trained in social work and benefits services.

When in doubt as to what to do or who to talk to, call the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center at (877) 881-1623. A dedicated staff member will take your call and help you make a connection with the help you need.

Ohio Masonic Home Foundation.

The Ohio Masonic Home has been a major Masonic charity for well over a century, and it has been able to carry out its mission thanks to the generosity of generations of Masons. Today the Ohio Masonic Home charges monthly fees to rent and live on a campus, just as happens in many retirement communities across the United States. Many years ago, a resident had to surrender assets to live at the home. Today, that is not the case. But if a resident cannot afford to pay his way, the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation will step in to help him stay. It remains one of our greatest charities.

For more information, visit The Ohio Masonic Home.