Freemasonry is one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the world with roots that date back to Medieval times when stonemasons held close the secrets and lessons of their guild. Today, Masons live by many of the same timeless and tested values in a fraternity that is ever renewed by new members seeking to live by the values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

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Freemasonry in Ohio

What is Freemasonry? Explore the foundations of our fraternity, what it means to be a Mason, and learn the history of this great organization.

Joining Ohio Freemasonry

With 68,000 Masons and 440 local Lodges, Ohio has one of the largest Masonic memberships of any state in the country. Learn about the process of becoming an Ohio Mason and the requirements involved.


Once you’re a member of Freemasonry, what does life in the fraternity look like? Learn about the Masonic Lodge, Degrees of Freemasonry, and the benefits of becoming a Mason in the great state of Ohio.

Grand Lodge of Ohio Leadership

The Grand Lodge of Ohio functions as the governing body for its network of 440 Masonic lodges and 68,000 members throughout the state. Learn about the values of leadership in Ohio, the role of the Grand Master and more.


Charitable Relief is one of the core tenets of Freemasonry. The Grand Lodge of Ohio passionately supports charitable efforts throughout the state that benefit fellow Masons and their families when in need of support, dedicated students and their school systems, and veterans and first responders. Learn about the many charitable efforts of Ohio Freemasonry.

Most Common Questions

What is Freemasonry?

What is Freemasonry?

How do I join Ohio Freemasonry?

How do I join Ohio Freemasonry?

Can I transfer my membership to a different lodge in Ohio? Different state?

Can I transfer my membership to a different Lodge in Ohio? Different state?

How does Freemasonry work?

How does Freemasonry work?

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