Each year the First Lady chooses a charitable focus for her and the Grand Master’s term. First Lady Karen Weglage has chosen to support the Children’s Dyslexia Centers and the great work they’re doing to make a difference in children’s lives. These centers have equipped countless young students with the skills and confidence they need to approach learning with eagerness!


Children’s Dyslexia Centers

A word from First Lady Karen: Why we chose the Children’s Dyslexia Centers.

Being Dyslexic is not a bad thing, but when a dyslexic person is not taught in a way that fits their learning style that is when dyslexia can be a bad thing.  They need to be given the right tools in order to help them succeed.

Dyslexic children often fall behind and experience loss of confidence and self-esteem.  This is when dyslexia seems like a bad thing.

When these circumstances become part of a family’s life, this is where the programs provided by the Children’s Dyslexia Centers can help.  The Centers not only help the children and their families, but they also train the instructors and tutors in how they can become better educators.  These instructor provides the students with the methods and tools to face challenges inside and outside of the classroom.

Dyslexic children tend to have to work harder to keep up with their peers. This can be devastating to the children.  They may begin to develop anxiety, frustration, self-doubt and even feel that they are “stupid”.  These feelings can extend throughout their school experiences and lives.  Think about going through life not being able to read a menu, newspaper, street signs, or your favorite magazine.

We chose the Children’s Dyslexia Centers because of the personal connection to our family.  Our oldest grandson was diagnosed as severely dyslexic when he was in third grade.  As an experienced reading and language teacher, I saw the textbook signs of dyslexia in him.  Kindergarten was fine.  His books had a large picture and a word to match.  First grade was okay.  The books had a smaller picture with three to four words related to the picture.  Second grade was somewhat more difficult because the pictures were smaller, and the number of words increased.  In third grade he “hit the wall”.  There were lots of words and very few pictures. 

With help from the Children’s Dyslexia Center and learning tailored to his needs he succeeded in school, went to college, and graduated successfully, often on the Dean’s List.  It was amazing to watch his growth and attitude change.

The Children’s Dyslexia Centers help change lives.  They impact an incredible number of children by giving them the techniques they need to learn to read.  Their confidence and self-esteem are rebuilt.

When you help support the Dyslexia Centers, you will help change the lives of so many children.  We invite you to help us impact the children of Ohio.  Help us provide them with the confidence and self-esteem to succeed.  Help us put smiles on their faces when they realize they can just as well as their peers.  These students need our help and financial support.

Thank you for helping us help the Children,

Karen Weglage

Your contributions will be used to support youth suffering from Dyslexia.  Through this special fund, Ohio Freemasons give proudly to support our future generations.


Where will my donation go? Your donation will help:

  • Provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art, multisensory tutorial reading and written language instruction to children with Dyslexia.
  • Train tutors in the art, science, and practice of tutoring children using the Orton-Gillingham approach to multisensory teaching of reading, spelling, and writing.
  • Advance the body of scientific knowledge of dyslexia through support of clinical research, to improve today’s standards and tomorrow’s care.
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