If you are here and reading this notice you have submitted a petition for membership to a Lodge in the State of Ohio.  Be sure you know the name and number of the Lodge to which you submitted the petition.  You will be asked to pick the Lodge name and number to proceed with the process.  This will ensure the information is processed correctly.

If you have reached this area in error please leave this page to avoid any charges to your credit card.

By clicking the link below you will be sent to the Petition Verification portal where the necessary information will be collected and submitted.  The company used for this process can be reviewed at and has been in business since 1995.  Once you have filled out the information and submitted it the Lodge will verify you have correctly entered the information and submit the information to BIB for processing.  Your credit card will be charged $13.95 once the information has been submitted to BIB for processing by the Lodge.

During the process you may receive several email messages from BIB notifying you of the status of your submission.  The Lodge will be notified when the information has been processed and is ready for review.

The information received by the Lodge will be used to verify information on the petition you filled out and may or may not effect membership in the Lodge.

No personal information is kept at the Lodge or the Grand Lodge.  All personal information received from BIB is redacted as necessary.

Thank you for participating in the Petition Verification process.