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1813 – Lewis Cass

Lewis Cass was born at Exeter, New Hampshire, Oct. 9, 1782. Little is known of his early life prior to coming to Marietta in 1800 to study law and setting up a law practice in Zanesville, Ohio in 1802. On Dec. 5, 1803, he was initiated an Entered Apprentice in what is now American Union Lodge No.1 at Marietta. The Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees followed on April 2, and May 7, 1804, respectively. On June 24, 1805, he was admitted a Charter member of Lodge of Amity 105 (now No.5), Zanesville, having previously been one of the nine signers of the petition addressed to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. He served as the first Worshipful Master of Lodge of Amity in 1806.
M. W. Brother Cass distinguished himself in the State Legislature by his efforts to expose the Aaron Burr conspiracy, served a term in Congress and was named U.S. Marshal of Ohio. He was an early volunteer in the War of 1812, rising to the rank of Brigadier General. He was among the troops surrendered to the British by General William Hull, but rather than surrender his sword to the enemy he broke it. He was later placed in command of the garrison at Detroit and in 1813 appointed civil governor of the territory of Michigan, which position he held for nearly 18 years.
He served President Jackson as Secretary of War between the years of 1831 and 1836, at which time he was appointed U. S. Minister to France until 1842, following this he was elected U. S. Senator from Michigan. The year 1848 found Lewis Cass as the presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket. But for the personal hostility of Van Buren he would probably have been elected, instead of Polk. He later was again defeated by Zachary Taylor for the same office. President Buchanan appointed him Secretary of State in 1857, a figurehead position he relinquished in 1860.
M. W. Brother Cass was one of the founders of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, representing Lodge of Amity at the first meeting on January 4, 1808. He was elected Deputy Grand Master on January 5, 1809, M. W. Grand Master on January 3, 1910, January 8, 1811, and January 8, 1912. He later affiliated with Zion Lodge No.1 of Detroit, Michigan and served as the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan in 1826. He served an additional term as Grand Master of Michigan in 1844. His death came at the age of 84, on June 17,1866 in Detroit. Interred in the Elmwood Cemetery, Section A, Lot 75, Detroit, Michigan.
A rather complete account of the life and events of Lewis Cass can be found in the book Lewis Cass by A. C. Mc Laughlin one of the American Statesmen Series printed by Houghton Mifflin & Co.