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1906 – Lewis Phillip Schaus

M. W. Brother Lewis Phillip Schaus was born in Muskingum County, Ohio, December 21st, 1851, where he spent his boyhood days, leaving home at the early age of sixteen years and locating in the City of Newark, Ohio. He by industry, perseverance and rare skill, unassisted and assuming full responsibility for his future, earned and won by his own endeavors, always characterized by integrity and marked ability, the entire confidence and esteem of all with whom he lived and dealt, and the love and affection of a great host of friends.

He early became an adept stonecutter and soon thereafter became a member of the contracting firm of Hibbert and Schaus, which firm built many public buildings in Ohio. He retired about 1901.

He was ever and always greatly interested in public affairs. As It member of the Committee appointed by the Governor to supervise the construction of the large and beautiful annex to Ohio’s State House, it became necessary for him to assume full responsibility, which he did, carrying the work to its completion to the entire satisfaction of the State and within the original appropriation, for all of which he was highly praised and complimented.

For a number of years he was a very active and most useful member of the Ohio State Archaeological Society. His practical knowledge of building operations and wise counsel were of great assistance in the building of the present fine home of that Society, and also the Hayes Memorial Library at Fremont, Ohio.

He was long a conspicuous and leading figure in the business circles of Newark, where he resided for about thirty-five years, and then moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he resided a short time, then removing to Mount Vernon, Ohio, where he resided for about five years, after which he returned to Columbus.

On February 26th, 1903, in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was united in marriage with Miss May Gano Price. He was christened and confirmed in the Lutheran Church at Chandlersville, Ohio.

Brother Schaus was initiated November 8th, 1878; Passed January 8th, 1879; and Raised February 14th, 1879, in Newark Lodge No. 97, F. & A. M., Newark, Ohio, in which he served as Senior Deacon in 1883. In 1889 he became a charter member of Acme Lodge No. 554, Newark, Ohio, and was elected Senior Warden; was elected Worshipful Master in 1890, in 1891, and again in 1894. He was also Treasurer of that Lodge for a number of years.

In the Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Ohio, he was elected Junior Grand Warden in October 1902, and served successively, one year each, as Senior Grand Warden, Deputy Grand Master and Grand Master. For a number of years he had been a faithful and efficient member of the Committee on Charters and Dispensations, He was for a number of years Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma near the Grand Lodge of Ohio.

He was made a Royal Arch Mason in Warren Chapter No, 6, R. A. M. of Newark, Ohio, May 1st, 1880, serving as Scribe in 1885, High Priest in 1889, and Treasurer in 1908. Received the Order of High Priesthood at Marion, Ohio, in 1890 and served as an Officer of the Ohio Council of Anointed High Priests for many years. He was elected Grand Scribe of the Grand Chapter R. A. M., of Ohio in 1901, promoted to Grand King in 1902; to Deputy Grand High Priest in 1903; and elected Grand High Priest October 6th, 1904, serving for one year. He was Grand Representative of the Grand Chapter of New South Wales, Australia, near the Grand Chapter of Ohio. He was also a life member of the General Grand Chapter of the United States. He was made a Royal and Select Master in Bigelow Council No, 7, R. & S. M. of Newark, Ohio on February 2nd, 1881, in which he served as Deputy Illustrious Master three years, and as Thrice Illustrious Master for eight years.

In the Grand Council R. & S. M. of Ohio, elected Deputy Grand Master in 1911; and Most Illustrious Grand Master in 1912, serving for one year. He held the posts of Grand Representative of the Grand Council of R. & S. M. of Florida and Grand Representative of the Grand Council of R. & S. M. of England and Wales near the Grand Council of Ohio. He was also a member of the Association of Most Illustrious Past Grand Masters and Most Excellent Past Grand High Priests of Ohio, holding the office of Treasurer. He was also a life member of the General Grand Council R. & S. M. of the United States.

He was made a Knight Templar in Newark Commandery No. 34, K. T., March 27th, 1883, and served as Warder for one year; became a charter member of St. Luke’s Commandery, at Newark, in 1886. Serving successively, one year each, as Senior Warden, Generalissimo and Eminent Commander and was elected Treasurer in 1892, which office he filled until 1908, when he moved from the jurisdiction.

He received the 14th Degree in Enoch Lodge of Perfection, A.A.S. R., Columbus, Ohio, January 22nd, 1885; 16th Degree in Franklin Council, Princes of Jerusalem, January 23rd, 1885; 18th Degree in Columbus Chapter of Rose Croix, January 23rd, 1885; 32nd Degree in Ohio Consistory S. P. R. S., Cincinnati, Ohio, February 26th, 1885. He received the Honorary 33rd Degree on September 17, 1895. He became a charter member of Scioto Consistory, Columbus, Ohio, at the time of its organization. He received the Royal Order of Scotland in Boston, Mass., September 19th, 1904.

M. W. Brother Schaus departed this life on Saturday December 4, 1920 at Grant Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. Funeral Services were held Monday, December 6, 1920 at the Masonic Temple. Internment was in the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Section 1, Lot 158, Newark, Ohio.