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1934 – Samuel Herbert Squire

M. W. Brother Samuel Herbert Squire was born September 1, 1873, in Elyria, Ohio, where he attended the public schools and graduated from Elyria High School, Class of 1891. His first employment was in the Accounting Office of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern in Cleveland. On April I, 1892, he took service as a messenger boy with the First National Bank of Elyria, and was in the banking business continuously, since serving as bookkeeper, teller, assistant cashier, cashier, and vice-president. In 1922, the First National merged with the Lorain County Savings Trust Company, of which he became first vice-president and then president. He resigned that position when Governor Martin L. Davey drafted him as Ohio’s superintendent of banks. He served in that capacity for two terms under Governor Davey and had the distinction of being the only Democrat in Governor Bricker’s administration. He resigned in 1940 to assume the presidency of the Tiffin National Bank.

In the civil life of his community he was always an active and useful citizen and devoted his splendid ability for the welfare of his city. He served in the City Council, Board of Education, Charter Commission, Safety Director, and Sinking Fund Commission.

While living in Elyria he was ever prominent in promoting its social life in club and charitable institutions. He had been president of the Elyria Rotary Club and served as Governor of Rotary International in 1920 and 1921.

He was married September 6, 1898, to Frances M. Smith, daughter of Judge L. B. Smith, of Elyria, who died a number of years ago. This union was blessed with a daughter. On September 10, 1930, he was married to Miss Ann Daly, at Elyria.

M. W. Brother Squire received his Entered Apprentice Degree in King Solomon’s Lodge No. 56, January II, 1901; Fellow Craft Degree March 11, 1901; Master Mason Degree April 15, 1901. He was elected Junior Deacon November 25, 1901; Senior Deacon November 24, 1902; Senior Warden November 23, 1903. He served as Worshipful Master in 1904 and 1905.

He was a member of Marshal Chapter No. 47, R. A. M., receiving the degrees in 1902. He received the Degree of Royal and Select Master on March 26, 1902, in Elyria Council No. 86, R. & S. M., and was its Thrice Illustrious Master in 1907, and has been its Treasurer since 1908. He was Knighted in Elyria Commandery No. 60, June 15, 1905.

He received his Scottish Rite degrees in Eliadah Lodge of Perfection July 8, 1904; Bahurim Council, October 25, 1904; Ariel Chapter Rose Croix November 4, 1904, serving as Most Wise Master from 1925 to 1927; Lake Erie Consistory, November 11, 1904. He was crowned a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33°, September 6, 1930.

He was a member of the Royal Order of Scotland; At Koran Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.; Past Sovereign St. Benedict Conclave No. 34, Red Cross of Constantine, Royal Order of Jesters.

In the Grand Lodge F. & A. M. of Ohio, he served as District Lecturer for the Twenty-second District in 1927 and 1928. He was appointed Grand Orator in 1929; was elected Junior Grand Warden in 1930; Senior Grand Warden in 1931; Deputy Grand Master in 1932, and M. W. Grand Master in 1933.

He held Honorary Membership in Gibson Lodge No. 301; Pentalpha Lodge No. 636; Iris Lodge No. 229; Forest Hill Lodge No. 644; Laurel Lodge No. 657; O. N. Steele Lodge No. 621; Lorain Lodge No. 552; Oberlin Lodge No. 380; Halcyon Lodge No. 498; Rocky River Lodge No. 703; Newburgh Lodge No. 379; Woodward Lodge No. 508; Brooklyn Lodge No. 454; and F. S. Harmon Lodge No. 663.

M. W. Brother Squire will always be remembered by his unusual personality, his convincing eloquence, his wise counsel, and the dignity and humility with which he served the Masons of Ohio.

M. W. Brother Samuel Herbert Squire passed into the Great Beyond at his home in Tiffin, Ohio, on Sunday, April 18, 1943, after an illness of several months.

Funeral services were held in Tiffin on April 21, at the Turner Funeral Home and in Elyria, April 22, 1943, at the Taylor Funeral Home. Interment was in Ridgelawn Cemetery, East Addition, Elyria Division, Elyria, Ohio.