At its core, Freemasons are a group of likeminded men fully helping each other to the extent of their individual gifts. We are bound and guided by our core values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Brotherly Love: Caring for Each Other and Our Communities

Masons regard all humans as one family. As members of that family, Masons take an oath to act with respect and understanding toward others and to aid and support those who are in need. As Masons, we understand that everyone has their own path and their own obstacles. We aid and whisper wise counsel where we can, and offer support and protection when necessary. Freemasons take responsibility for their communities and care for the people in them. Communities are not limited by geography, and a Mason is a member of many communities through his career, faith and interests.

Relief: Humbly Assist Those in Distress

As Freemasons, we should help others to negotiate the obstacles in their path, if not remove them altogether. Relief can be as simple as a well-needed kindness at the right time, or an entire lodge banding together to assist a Brother’s family. Most Masonic Relief is anonymous and rarely, if ever, talked about. It can manifest in very direct and personal ways: A mother who has to transport her child to a hospital three times a week for cancer treatments will find an envelope in her mailbox containing gas cards. A veteran in a restaurant, when asking for the check, finds that his meal has already been paid for. Or it may be as simple as stopping to assist a family with a flat tire on the side of the road. As Masons, we do not seek applause for our Relief work, because we believe that offering Relief is not a rare circumstance to be celebrated. It is the way we are supposed to behave and conduct ourselves.

Truth: Using Knowledge and Understanding to Improve Ourselves, Our Families and Our Communities

As Freemasons, one of the first lessons we are taught is to be men of honor and integrity. We believe that justice is owed to each man, woman, and child because they are part of the human family under the fatherhood of God. We believe that in human endeavors, there is right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust. For the Mason, truth ultimately is a divine attribute and the very foundation of virtue and civility and faith. We expect each Mason will act according to his understanding of Masonic teachings. In our modern, fast-moving and often isolating society, it is more important than ever that Masons seek and share these basic truths and put them into action through a life that informs, influences and inspires others.