Welcome to Grand Lodge

If you are viewing our website as a non-Mason, please take the time to explore and read about what we do. There is a lot of information about Freemasonry on the internet but, unfortunately, not all of it accurate or true. If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will make sure that someone contacts you and answers your questions.

Freemasonry has survived for well over 300 years as a men’s fraternal organization. There are not many, if any, organizations who can make this claim. I feel that this would not be the case if Masons were not upstanding men of good character who want to better themselves, do good by their family and those around them, and serve their community. A Mason is someone who can be trusted to do the right thing.

I am constantly amazed as I travel around the State and people discover that I am a Mason, how often I hear, “my father was a Mason or my grandfather was a Mason” but the person speaking those words is not a Mason. Why wouldn’t you want to experience that which your father or grandfather experienced? For that matter, what many great men from our past also experienced. We are constantly looking for good men who wish to associate with like-minded good men who are working to improve their own lives as well as assist with trying to improve the community around them. We welcome every good man who is at least 19 years old, has a belief in the existence and perfection of God, and has lived in Ohio for at least six months to petition for membership regardless of race, religion, national heritage, etc. If you fit this description and have an interest but do not know a Mason, contact us, and we will put you in touch with someone in your area who can talk to you and provide information. You will not be pressured to join. Once you have received the information you are seeking, we will wait for you to decide when or if you are ready to learn our mysteries.

Masonry is not a religion nor does it attempt to replace or dictate one’s religion or religious beliefs. However, the one steadfast requirement to become a Mason is that a man believes in the existence and perfection of God. Therefore, no atheist is permitted into our order.

Masonry has a rich heritage going back for hundreds of years and includes the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Wayne, Duke Ellington and hundreds more from every walk of life. Just to know that I have had the opportunity to experience what these men experienced and that I have that in common with every other living Mason in the world is an awesome feeling.


Rick Schau
Grand Master