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How to Update Your Lodge Website

By April 11, 2024No Comments

We know that the internet, web-surfing, and personal online research is a common way for prospective Masons to find our fraternity and even our specific lodges. Ensuring that lodge websites are up to date is key to attracting new men and keeping your current members in the know. The Grand Lodge of Ohio has created a list of easy updates and tips to maintain your website and digital presence. Read below to learn more!

  1. Appoint a Webmaster: Ensure there’s a designated individual managing your organization’s website. By appointing a dedicated person to update the website, you can ensure that the page is regularly updated with relevant information and remains functional. Discuss who the best fit for this position is at your next lodge meeting and make sure it’s someone with access to a home computer who feels comfortable navigating a website.
  2. Update the Site with Events: Keep your website updated with upcoming events, meetings, and activities. This provides visitors with valuable information and encourages participation within the organization. Make sure to include monthly re-occurrences like community breakfasts, your monthly lodge stated meetings, or any other fellowship events going on. This keeps your existing members up to date and shows off your lodge’s activity to prospective members. Bottom line, it can help foster a sense of community and encourage involvement.
  3. Use Your Website as a Recruitment and Engagement Tool: Utilize your website to attract new members and engage existing ones. Showcase the benefits of joining your organization and highlight the value it offers. Your website serves as a virtual “storefront”, providing visitors with insights into what your lodge offers, its values, and how they can get involved. It’s an effective tool for showing off how your lodge is living the principles of Ohio Freemasonry in its own unique way.
  4. Include a Description of the Lodge: Provide detailed information about your lodge, its history, mission, and pillars. This helps visitors understand the purpose, significance, and uniqueness of your group. If your lodge has a close connection to a certain community charitable initiative, make sure to include that. We also recommend including the address of your lodge, contact information (like a phone number or email), and how someone can visit the lodge if they’re interested.
  5. Include Images: Enhance your website with visually appealing images that showcase your lodge’s activities, members, and facilities. These can be images from charity or fellowship events, visits from the Grand Master, or even just images of the Lodge itself. Incorporating high-quality images on your website provides visitors with a glimpse into the activities, events, and environment of your lodge.

Check out your existing Lodge Page in GrandView now to get started.

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