Not Just A Man. A Mason.

Now more than ever, the world needs men of honor and integrity. Men that unite and not those who divide. That seek truth and share Brotherly Love with all, no matter their race, religion, gender or creed. Men who live with virtue and character, always striving to be even better.

The world needs more than just men. The world needs Masons.


Email scam alert – a solicitation for gift cards or money has been received by members from someone posing as the Grand Master.  DO NOT reply to this email or send any money or gift cards.  The Grand Master will never send an email or call on a member to send money or gift cards on his behalf.  If you receive such a request or are unsure of a communication, please contact the Grand Secretary’s Office.

The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Ohio Freemasonry is a thriving Brotherhood of more than 60,000 men in over 400 lodges throughout the state. Men from virtually every city and village are quietly improving their own lives and making a difference in the lives of others — like minded men of integrity who genuinely care about each other, who are loyal and honor bound to help those in distress and to live by the Masonic values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.


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