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5 Brotherhood Events to Plan at Your Lodge this Year

By January 30, 2019January 22nd, 2021No Comments

With the start of 2019 behind us, our fellow Brothers and Lodge leaders are off to the races hosting events, running meetings, and preparing for a successful Masonic year ahead. That being said, it can be difficult to come up with enjoyable and creative events that cater to Masons young and old, each year. Lodges are made up of all different types of men: farmers, city dwellers, fathers, grandfathers, etc. and finding activities that are enjoyable to the masses is no small feat.

With all this in the forefront of our minds, we have put together a list of five foolproof Lodge event activities that are simple, inexpensive, fun, and promote Brotherly connection.

Trivia/Game Night

A commonality among Freemasons is a love of Masonic education that requires thinking deeply and learning new, interesting facts and figures. Why not take this trait and apply it to an event? Game night is a staple in many Lodge toolboxes because it is enjoyed by all, encourages engagement, and is the perfect forum for Brothers to get to know one another. Game night should include different types of activities such as board games, cards and jeopardy, as well as snacks, drinks and nametags. To start off the night, play a “get to know you” game where members have to find a Brother that has three similarities to themself and then introduce their new “friend” to the rest of the Lodge.

Storytelling Bonfire

Starting a warm fire, roasting hot dogs, and telling stories is the perfect combination for a great night filled with Brotherly love and connection. Pick a warm spring or summer night for this occasion and provide hot dogs, bug spray, s’mores materials and drinks and you’re all set! Make it a “screen-free zone” (no cell phones, tablets, or computers) to foster better conversation. When everyone is seated start off the discussion by asking the crowd how they got into Freemasonry and to tell their favorite Masonic story.

Rolling dough

DIY Pizza Night

Gather the Lodge together for do-it-yourself pizza night! All you will need is pizza dough, topping choices, an oven, and a big appetite. Have Brothers sit around a large table and get to work kneading dough, rolling out circles, adding sauce, cheese and toppings, and bringing the pizza pies to life. This is also the perfect opportunity for people to connect with one another and start meaningful conversations. To keep the dialogue moving, write out conversation topics on a few notecards and disperse them around the table. While assembling pizzas, have each member choose a card and respond with their answers, sparking a discussion among Brothers.

Game Day Party

Every season is home to a special sporting event that lends itself to tailgates, viewing parties, and bracket pools. These past time games are also the perfect time to watch a beloved team and cheer on your favorite players.

The Super Bowl is upon us airing the first weekend in February and the NCAA March Madness tournament starts in mid-March, a great event to foster friendly competition by building your own Brackets and watching the games together at a Lodge viewing party! Bring out a projector or large TV, and enjoy getting together with fellow fans, eating delicious snacks, and showing everyone that lucky hat you keep in your closet.


Movie Night

The classic “movie night” never gets old. Find a comfortable spot whether in the Lodge or at a Brother’s house to watch and invite everyone to join. To choose a movie, hold an election where members put a few suggestions in a hat and pick one out to decide on the final verdict. Pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and sit back to enjoy the show.

Have you hosted a successful Brotherhood event at your Lodge? Tell us about it here.