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Behind the Masonic Symbols: The Blazing Star

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The many teachings of Freemasonry seek to instill in our members thoughtfulness towards others, compassion for our fellow humans, honesty in business, and courtesy in all things. These lessons have developed over centuries, draped in allegories, and illustrated through a cavalcade of symbols. While many of the symbols are drawn from the tools of stonemasons, such as the square and compasses, and the rough and smooth ashlars, there are others derived from the ancient and natural worlds as well.

One such symbol presents itself to Masons soon after they first enter the lodge and begin participating in rituals and degree work: The Blazing Star. It has many meanings. For Ohio Masons, it is a symbol of Divine Providence, which helps to guide us on our journey through life, surrounded as we are by good and evil. It is also considered a symbol of light and signifies the Freemason who constantly seeks to perfect himself by seeking knowledge. In the lodge of England, it also represents the Sun, which sheds light on Earth, giving life to all things, including humanity.

A depiction of the Masonic Blazing Star
The Masonic Blazing Star

Given the prominence of stars in religious and cultural texts throughout history, Masonic scholars have deliberated at length the Blazing Star’s significance and how it formed in Freemasonry. Let us explore some references to The Blazing Star so that we can best contextualize its importance within the craft.

Religious Significance

References to the Blazing Star can be found in the Hebrew Torah when Moses received the two stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments from God. Upon approaching the Israelites, Moses scolds them for their false worship of an idol, saying, “Ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiam, your images, the star of god, which ye made to yourselves.”

In the Prestonian lecture of the Grand Lodge of England, the Blazing Star is described as the Ornaments of the Lodge, and its biblical significance explained:

“The Blazing Star, or glory in the center, reminds us of that awful period when the Almighty delivered the two tables of stone, containing the ten commandments, to His faithful servant Moses on Mount Sinai, when the rays of His divine glory shone so bright that none could behold it without fear and trembling. It also reminds us of the omnipresence of the Almighty, overshadowing us with His divine love, and dispensing His blessings amongst us; and by its being placed in the center, it further reminds us, that wherever we may be assembled together, God is in the midst of us, seeing our actions, and observing the secret intents and movements of our hearts.”

Application with the Scottish Rite Degrees

The notable Masonic author and historian Albert Mackey wrote of the many appearances of The Blazing Star throughout the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Generally, the star symbolizes the guiding light of the Divine, which points the way of truth, as can be found in the Fourth Degree of the Scottish Rite. In the Ninth Degree, The Blazing Star is explicitly referred to as the star of direction, directing the pilgrim in his journey through life. Finally, Mackey described The Blazing Star’s use in the Twenty-eighth Degree of the Scottish Rite as a representation of the Freemason. The lesson is that as the Freemason perfects himself by pursuing truth, he advances his knowledge and “becomes like a blazing star, shining with brilliancy in the midst of darkness.” In this degree, the star is seen as a symbol of truth.

Throughout the history of Freemasonry, The Blazing Star has been said to represent many things. It has been considered a sign of God’s divine providence, the life-giving Sun, and as a guiding light to direct all Masons in thought and action. Like most symbols in Masonry, The Blazing Star has a long and storied history. There is no single correct definition of its meaning, but instead, all its applications can equally inspire Masons as they push ever deeper into their quest for more light.

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