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How to Make a New Brother Feel Welcome at Lodge

Getting comfortable enough to call a house a home takes time. While many of us feel we have found our calling through the brotherhood of Freemasonry, it’s normal to feel nerves creeping in the first time stepping into lodge. During those moments, a helping hand can go a long way. To help ease the tension in the minds of new brothers, we’ve put together a list of a few easy yet effective ways you and your lodge can make them feel welcome.

Offer an ice breaker

During their first lodge meeting, asking new brothers to introduce themselves may be a daunting task for them to do, especially if they’re not used to speaking in front of large groups. Providing a time for a more casual introduction with the lodge that includes ice breakers is a good way to open them up and will make new member(s) feel less in the spotlight. Having the rest of the members share a personal fact about themselves may also lead to connections with new and old members alike that you didn’t think were possible. 

Provide resources

With all the information one needs to learn and digest, the path to becoming a Freemason can be daunting for anyone. Sharing tips or tricks of the trade with your new brothers will be immensely helpful as they deepen their craft while making them feel more included. Consider sharing books, podcasts, videos, articles, websites, and blogs that will help educate and fuel their newfound passion. Who knows? Perhaps sharing what helped and inspired you in the past will reinvigorate your own journey in Freemasonry.

Ask if they’d like a mentor 

After you’ve shared your resources with them in lodge, send a quick note to the newly raised class of Masons letting them know that you are thinking of them and looking out for their best interests. If there are one or two new members you feel you’ve grown close to, offering to be their Masonic mentor could be a great chance to bond with and learn from one another. Mentorships can help new Masons feel like they have a true bond with the lodge, and shows them that you have their back as they get on their feet in the Masonic world. It doesn’t need a large undertaking for either of you, even a simple 30-minutes chat over coffee can make a significant impact.

Offer to meet up outside of lodge 

As with any friendship, the best way to build a strong foundation is by putting in the time. Invite a new Brother to eat with you during events and meeting nights and find moments to chat with them after lodge. A small gesture goes a long way in making any person feel welcome when they’ve joined a new group. This may just lead you to learn more about them and lead to meeting up outside of lodge at the golf course, coffee shop, sports game, book store, or more! At that point, you’ll have a friend for life.  

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