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Lodge Spotlights

The Men of Lima Lodge #205

Tell us about Lima Lodge. What makes it unique? What is it known for? 

One of the things that makes our lodge stand out is our state of the art facility, which was built in June of 1994, and has since been updated to include all of the latest technological advancements in audio and visual applications. These updates enhance the presentation of our meetings, rituals and events. We are, perhaps, most known for having our monthly breakfasts but, unfortunately, we had to shut down for a while due to the pandemic. We have since had a handful of breakfast events and we plan to gradually increase the frequency of these events, which raise money for a number of philanthropic causes.

Two times a year, we host an event called Diva’s Den, which is a partnership with Lima Kiwanis Club. We offer our facility to host the events so that they can provide prom dresses to any girl who comes in and wants a dress. 

What is the community of Lima, Ohio like? What is your Lodge’s interaction in the community?

I would say that one of the finest qualities of Lima is the fact that we have become quite industrious over the years. We currently have a wealth of jobs and resources available to our community which has ensured the survival and prosperity of our citizens. One of the things that Lima doesn’t get enough credit for is the fact that the oil industry actually started right here at our oil refinery, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller. 

Our lodge has also facilitated a great number of events in our community such as providing a local voting precinct, our aforementioned monthly breakfasts, as well as funeral services, weddings and parties and other social activities and philanthropic fundraisers.  

We’re aware your lodge has an emphasis on history and fellowship. Can you tell us more about that?  

Lima Lodge #205 was originally founded in 1851 by settlers who had migrated here over 170 years ago. 7 Masons had petitioned to have a lodge opened in the area which is now known as the city of Lima. In October of 2017, Fort Amanda Lodge #706 merged with the Lima Lodge #205, and prior to that, Garrett Wykoff Lodge #585 merged with Lima Lodge #205.

In terms of fellowship, I’m delighted to share with you that we have coffee and donuts at our lodge every Friday morning at 9:00 AM. It is one of the ways that we have fellowship and socialize with the brothers in the Lodge. It also provides an open door to the public for potential candidates to express interest in joining the fraternity. I, myself, asked for a petition to join on a Friday morning. I would encourage any man of good morals who believes in God and seeks the light in Masonry to come and join us on Friday mornings.

What is the relationship between Brothers in the lodge? How do they interact with each other and engage in Lodge events?

There is a special camaraderie among Masonic brethren. There are a lot of lifelong friendships that extend beyond the lodge.

If I need to ask a Brother for advice or express my feelings about something going on in my life, I find great comfort in knowing that I have someone to share my thoughts and feelings with who genuinely cares about me. Oftentimes, a Masonic brother might be even more compassionate than a biological brother would. Some of the relationships that develop in the Lodge extend outside of the Lodge. Some of the Brothers have become very good friends and spend time with each other outside the Lodge’s events and activities. Lifelong friendships are certainly formed inside the Lodge as well as outside.

Does your Lodge have any upcoming events you’d like to share?

We have our Diva’s Den events in January for prom and in September for homecoming. We usually give away over 100 dresses. We are looking forward to having more breakfast events in the future. And as I mentioned, we always have donuts and coffee on Fridays. Anyone is welcome to come.

What about this Lodge made you want to be part of it? What type of Mason does it attract?

For me personally, my grandfather, my great uncle and my uncle were all Masons. They all belonged to the #205 Lodge. I knew in my heart for many years that I wanted to follow in their footsteps and seek the light in Masonry. When I moved back to Lima after many years overseas, I sought out the brothers at one of the monthly breakfast events and expressed my interest.  They invited me to have donuts and coffee on Friday mornings, and I knew when I spoke to the brothers that I was in the presence of many like-minded individuals. We have Brothers from all walks of life in our Lodge.  

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