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Lodge Spring Cleaning Checklist

The days are steadily growing longer, much of the ground has thawed and the familiar sounds of spring have begun to fill the air. Looking ahead towards the warm embrace of the summer, spring is the perfect time to pause and consider how we can all spruce up our Lodges in the spirit of spring cleaning season.

Every lodge is different and, while it may have it’s own unique needs, we always want to encourage current members to help preserve the sanctity of the space in order to continue to inspire new candidates. Below is a quick spring cleaning checklist to help guide you and your Brothers as you begin sprucing up your Lodge.  

Lodge Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean up the entrance to your Lodge, including front hall or front windows. Plenty of dirt can collect in between the window and the screen each year
  • Consider adding some new plants, flowers, or Masonic decor to the front of the Lodge to make it more inviting
  • Inventory your craft robes
  • Make sure preparation rooms will inspire new candidates and get them ready for their upcoming degree
  • Take inventory on any printed materials or resources you may have at the Lodge and ensure they are update to date
  • Spruce up the bathrooms by ensuring floors, stalls and sinks are cleaned and restocked with fresh rolls of toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap
  • Clean up the Lodge room by vacuuming any carpeting, wipe down and dust chairs, tables, pictures, plaques, lamps and any other furniture in the space
  • Check for depleted light bulbs and replace any with new ones
  • Empty all the trash bins  

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