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Faces of Ohio Featured Brothers

By March 20, 2019February 17th, 2021No Comments

Are you the next face of Ohio Freemasonry? Share with us why you’re proud to be an Ohio Mason and you could be our next featured Mason! Submitting your entry is easy, CLICK HERE.

At the Grand Lodge of Ohio, it is our goal to continue to foster Brotherhood among Ohio Masons. Adding faces to Ohio Freemasonry shows the public who we really are: men from all walks of life and of all different appearances, ready to live up to the values of the fraternity and do it together as one Brotherhood.

There is no better feeling than stepping into your Lodge room and being greeted by fellow Brethren, men whom you might not have had the chance to meet otherwise. This sense of community, purpose, and passion are the ideals behind Freemasonry and what drives a hundreds-of years-old tradition in today’s world.

With the Faces of Ohio Campaign, we want to shed light on this feeling and highlight you: your story, your journey, your individuality. At the heart of this campaign, are men who embody the spirit, values and obligations of Masonry and by giving the community a voice and shining the spotlight on those who are doing good in the world, we’ll continue to strengthen relationships within the fraternity. And not to mention, show others what Freemasonry is really all about.

So, what are are you waiting for! Nominate yourself or a fellow brother by submitting a few details and the answer to the question, “What does being an Ohio Freemason mean to you?”

After the nomination period, the Grand Lodge of Ohio team will select their top 10 finalists. To engage the community further, we’ll then invite Brothers to vote for the 5 whom they think should be named winners. We are very excited to kick this campaign off and hear about your thoughts on being a Freemason in Ohio. We welcome you to join our mission and show the world what #ThisIsOhioFreemasonry truly means.