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Welcome to the Refreshed Website for the Grand Lodge of Ohio

By October 11, 2018January 22nd, 2021No Comments

Welcome to the refreshed website for the Grand Lodge of Ohio. For those of you that are new, thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn more about Freemasonry.

For those of you that are Brothers or familiar with the Grand Lodge of Ohio, we welcome you to explore the improvements made on this site to not just foster stronger connections between Ohio Freemasons, but to share with the rest of the State what it means to be a part of Ohio Freemasonry.

With this newly designed website, we’re thrilled to showcase our pride to be Ohio Freemasons. We also welcome in a new Grand Master and Officers with the 209th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio. This ceremony marks the beginning of a new administration, led by Grand Master Bro. Jess N. Raines.

Bro. Raines puts celebrating and progressing Ohio Freemasonry at the core of all endeavors. To bring the true meaning of the Brotherhood forward. But what does that entail? For Bro. Raines, and us as a Fraternity, this means gathering men from, “virtually every city and village of this great state, quietly making a difference in the lives of others. Like-minded men who genuinely care about each other, who are loyal to each other and honor bound to help all those in distress. It’s a promise to yourself and God to live a life of character. To learn to better yourself always, do good by your family and serve your community.”

Ohio Freemasonry is also a place for men of respect, kindness and tolerance, fully accepting of our brothers’ religion, race, age, status or culture. It’s a place for the constant pursuit to better oneself. It’s a place to experience, “the joy of golf in the early morning, and cigars and scotch as the sun sinks low. It’s sponsoring charity softball games and little league baseball teams. It’s polar bear plunges, muskrat dinners, and the pride of conquering a fear of public speaking or leading a meeting. All this with men, once strangers, now brothers.”

Because this is Ohio Freemasonry. We are Ohio Freemasonry.

We look forward to having this website serve as a resource, an online gathering place, a recruitment tool and a window into the world of Ohio Freemasonry.

Read more from Grand Master Bro. Jess N. Raines in his Letter from the Grand Master.