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Lodge Spotlights

2023 Lodge Spotlight Round Up

By June 22, 2023No Comments
Image of light with Masonic square and compass
Keep reading to see how local Ohio Lodge’s are making an impact in our state.

The Grand Lodge of Ohio has rounded up our favorite Lodge Spotlights from the year to inspire you and your Lodge this summer. Keep reading to see what these incredible lodges are up to!

Image of a sign for a monthly community breakfast.
Reynoldsburg Lodge hosts a monthly community breakfast.

Reynoldsburg Lodge #340

Reynoldsburg Lodge in Reynoldsburg, Ohio has always been a staple of their community. Founded in 1862, this Lodge is steeped in local history as many of the town’s street and schools names are named after Past Masters of the Lodge. This lodge attracts men who want to make a difference in their community, strive towards self-improvement and strengthen their connection to their neighbors and like-minded citizens. Current member, Brother Dave Gubanc from Reynoldsburg Lodge #340 sat down with the Grand Lodge of Ohio to discuss his lodge’s monthly “all you can eat” community breakfasts, the importance of building relationships with Lodge, and what attracts a man to Reynoldsburg. 

Image of Canton Lodge in Canton, Ohio.
Trinity Lodge works closely with the Canton Refuge of Hope.

Trinity Lodge #710

Located in Canton, Ohio, Trinity Lodge #710 prides itself on forming meaningful relationships with their community by seeking out individuals in need and providing support. They work closely with the Refuge of Hope, an organization that provides housing, hot meals, and opportunities to unhoused individuals and families around Ohio. They also encourage members’ families to be as involved with lodge and other charitable events they hold. Read our full interview with the current Master of Trinity Lodge, Brother Joseph Buchanan and learn how local Ohio Freemasons are not only improving themselves but their community as a whole. 

Image of Blendon Lodge in Westerville, Ohio
Blendon Lodge has a rich history in their community.

Blendon Lodge #339

Blendon Lodge #339 in Westerville, Ohio is an incredible example of an Ohio Masonic lodge that has become a cornerstone in its community. The lodge has a deep history and is currently one of 17 historic sites certified by the Westerville Historical Society. Not to mention their annual fish fry where they raised $3000 for the Westerville Special Olympics last year. From a wildly successful Annual Fish Fry to multiple Open Houses throughout the year, Blendon Lodge #339 is ensuring Ohio Freemasonry remains alive and thriving. Read our full interview with Blendon Lodge to learn about the impact they’re making on their community.

Picture of men in blue t-shirts at Masonic charity event.
The men of Blendon Lodge at a community event.

Lucasville Lodge #465

Lucasville Lodge #465 is a perfect example of how Ohio Lodge’s are improving their communities through charitable events. Located in Lucasville, Ohio the men of this Lodge host a weekly community pancake breakfast that has become a staple of the town’s activities. Aside from their charitable activities, these brothers value the bond of the fraternity and can be found gathering an hour or more before Lodge meetings and staying for an hour or two afterward just to enjoy each other’s company. We recently interviewed Brother Jason Throckmorton from Lucasville Lodge to discuss their many community activities, what makes the lodge stand out, and why he was initially drawn to Lucasville. 

An image of the Argus Lodge crest 
The Argus Lodge #545 crest

Argus Lodge #545

“Argus Lodge is home. It’s where I grew up, almost literally. My brother and I both joined when we turned 21 and each served as Master. Argus holds a special place in my life and there is no other lodge I would ever want to be a part of.” – Bro. Gilliam Russ

The Grand Lodge of Ohio recently sat down with Brother Russ Gilliam from Argus Lodge #545. Bro. Gilliam’s father, grandfather, and brother were all members of Argus Lodge, making his connection to Freemasonry that much stronger. He is a Past Master, served as Treasurer, and is currently Secretary of the Lodge.

Read our full interview with Bro. Gilliam to learn why Argus Lodge #545 attracts generations of Masons.

Is your lodge doing inspiring work in your community? Email us at and let us know why you should be featured in our Lodge Spotlight series!