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Celebrating Ohio’s 2020 Lodge Anniversaries

By October 1, 2020February 17th, 2021No Comments

This year marked major milestones for two dozen lodges across Ohio. Looking back on this trying year for Ohio Freemasonry, and understanding many couldn’t celebrate together, the Grand Lodge would like to recognize these lodges and the noteworthy anniversaries they have achieved.

Ohio Grand Master Keith Newton stands at a podium and addresses the Masons of the 8th District of Ohio

When a Masonic lodge is first chartered, it is consecrated to Faith, Hope, and Charity and dedicated to the Holy Saints John. These ceremonies go back hundreds of years; indeed, Brother George Washington laid the cornerstone of the U.S. Capital in a well-documented Masonic ceremony. The gavel used in this ceremony is in the care of Potomac Lodge #5.


It is custom that when a lodge achieves a significant milestone in its history, the Grand Lodge of Ohio will return to the local lodge, if asked, to acknowledge and reaffirm those basic tenets that underlie its service to the community. Traditionally, the Grand Master is invited to reconsecrate the Lodge and Brethren to the purposes of Freemasonry. The purpose of the reconsecration ceremony is to remind members of the lodge of their heritage and what their forefathers did years ago to receive the initial charter. In doing so, the ceremony serves to reinforce what the lodge and its members should stand for in the community they serve. It also celebrates the lodge’s history and often provides an opportunity to share that story with the community.

From the reconsecration of Bloomingburg Lodge

This year, MWB Newton was able to carry on the tradition for several months before the gathering restrictions in Ohio were implemented in response to the COVID-19 crisis. He also endeavored to continue this effort in September after some of those restrictions were lifted. As a result, many of these ceremonies that would have occurred this year, were unable to take place. 

The camaraderie that comes from gathering together is the life-blood of Freemasonry. Masons are a social group, and while many lodges met online this year when they couldn’t in-person, nothing replaces the handshake. Brothers want to be able to take part in the traditions and rituals of our ancient fraternity. However, the incredible milestones achieved by 24 lodges in Ohio this year are no less inspiring because of the circumstances under which they have occurred. Together we celebrate and honor them and the long line of Brothers who have belonged to them, serving our fraternity and the communities in which they live.

Congratulations to our brethren for these amazing milestones:

100 Year Anniversaries

Victory Lodge #649

Byesville Lodge #654

Capital City Lodge #656

Robinson Locke Lodge #659

Clifton Gaston Allen Lodge #664

125 Year Anniversaries

Gibsonburg Loge #575

Norwood Lodge #576

150 Year Anniversaries

New Harmony Lodge #435

J.B. Covert Lodge #437

Ionic Lodge #438

Kirkwood Lodge #446

Oliver Lodge #447

Gage and Gavel Lodge #448

Bloomingburg Lodge #449

175 Year Anniversaries

Spartan Lodge #126

Wellington Lodge #127

Vinton Lodge #131

Trowel Lodge #132

200 Year Anniversaries

West Union Lodge #43

Aurora Lodge #48

Milford Lodge #54

Eastern Star Lodge #55

Lancaster Lodge #57

Medina Lodge #58

If you’d like to learn about the happenings in local lodges around Ohio, read our blogs on J.B. Covert Lodge and how Masons honored their local Fire Auxiliary.

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