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Reflecting on a year of Charitable Activity and Relief

By August 26, 2021No Comments

With every new year, we have an opportunity to become even better. As we prepare for a new Masonic year and unite in service and fellowship, how are you stepping forward in your Masonic journey to provide Relief to those in need? Read on to learn more about the Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation and celebrate the ways our fraternity has provided Relief.

Not Just A Man. A Mason. Freemasonry Campaign Image
Providing charitable Relief by volunteering in a classroom

The Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation

The Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation was established by Grand Master Thomas D. Zahler in 1994 in order to uplift one of the most valued tenets of Freemasonry: Relief. This Fund is designed to help Masons support fellow Masons and give back to communities throughout Ohio. Today, the Charitable Foundation has evolved to include five major areas of support. These include but are not limited to:

Men in our fraternity are bound by Brotherly Love for one another and our communities throughout Ohio. Providing Relief is often a quality innately found in our membership. As we reflect on this Masonic year, we remember Masons helping a Brother with outdoor projects when he and his wife struggled with mobility. Dick VanMeter, a member of Community Lodge #684, reached out to the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center in need of someone to help clean up some weeds in his backyard. Dan Shirk, Community Outreach Coordinator in Central Ohio, reached out to the 14th District Masonic Volunteer Program Chairman, David King, and to Masonic Volunteer, Matt Harmon for assistance. Within 30 minutes, Brother Harmon returned an email saying it would be taken care of that day. Thank you to the volunteers below that showed up to help a Brother in need. 

Matt Harmon – Capital City Lodge #656, and his daughter Katie

Scott Abrams – Capital City Lodge #656

Kevin Sorrell – Community Lodge #684

Chris Ashton – Community Lodge #684, and his wife Courtney

Doug Smith – Community Lodge #684

These volunteer networks throughout our state make it possible to support one another. 

This year we also remember the Brothers who showed up to assist a fellow 33-year Mason,  Bro. Rex Rumley, in need who could not leave his home for essential medical treatment. With available assistance from the Grand Lodge of Ohio Charitable Foundation, our Brother received the generous donation of a temporary ramp initiated by his home lodge, Canal Winchester #670. This enabled him to leave his home to receive medical care.

Scholarships and Supporting Students

Each Spring, the Grand Lodge of Ohio invites students throughout the state an opportunity to champion their educational endeavors through our scholarship program.. In each Masonic district, a young man and woman are awarded a scholarship to help assist and prepare for future education. We are honored to support the youth in Ohio, knowing these scholarships can positively impact the lives of bright young minds and the future of our great country.

This year, our scholarship fund experienced tremendous support. With the dedication of our membership, we were able to expand our License Plate Program. This program provides scholarship funding through the purchase of an Ohio Freemason Logo license plate from the BMV. With the support of MWB Jess N. Raines back in 2020, we have raised almost $30,000 to support student scholarships. Thanks to our dedicated leadership and charitable membership, students in Ohio will have the chance to advance their careers and make a difference.

Ohio Freemasonry logo license plate on a blue Cadillac
Ohio Freemasonry logo license plate featured on a Cadillac

Veterans and First Responders

Our veterans and first responders keep our country safe and free. As Masons, we admire these brave and selfless men and women who provide Relief to their communities, making sacrifices. This year, MWB Dickerscheid established the Veterans and First Responders Fund as a new, permanent fund of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. This fund equips these heroes with necessary equipment and supplies to perform their job. Donations towards this cause also provide special equipment for patients in our veterans’ hospitals.

This year, to support the veterans and first responders initiative, Grand Master Rich announced that the Grand Lodge of Ohio would run a puzzle fundraiser. To this day, this fundraiser has supported veterans and first responders throughout the state of Ohio.

Looking Ahead to Another Masonic Year

This past year has created new challenges for our communities. The charitable acts of our brethren have demonstrated the importance and impact of coming together, leading with kindness and generosity, and supporting those in need.

As we celebrate the memorable moments of Relief, let us look to the upcoming Masonic year as an opportunity to grow and further our efforts to give back to others. We have the ability to make a difference. Let us act and be present!

Visit our charity pages on the Grand Lodge of Ohio website to learn more about our many programs. If you’re curious about ways to get more involved with charitable efforts of the Grand Lodge of Ohio, visit our FAQ pages to learn more. Charitable donations can now be made through the Grand View member portal. Once you are signed into your account, select “Donate Now” to make a charitable donation to one of the Lodge defined accounts.