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The Ohio Masonic Home’s Impact

By February 19, 2022No Comments

The Grand Lodge of Ohio recently discussed its important relationship with The Ohio Masonic Home (OMH), one of the Grand Lodge’s charities. OMH provides resources for the elderly to be taken care of through assisted living, rehab, and other support. In this conversation we discussed the impact and influence that Ohio Masonry has on the home as well as how it diligently serves its Ohio communities. The bond of Masonry also runs deep as Masons and non-Masons live together, share meals, and continue to live out their ties to brotherhood. Read our full conversation below.

The Ohio Masonic Home looks after their residents with compassion and care.

What does it mean for the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation to be one of The Grand Lodge of Ohio’s Masonic charities?
A Mason takes an obligation to care for others in need and the partnership between The Ohio Masonic Home and the Grand Lodge of Ohio gives Brethren a vehicle to fulfill this obligation. The Home benefits tremendously from the advocacy and support of the Grand Lodge Officers. This influence, in tandem with being a chosen Masonic Charity of The Grand Lodge of Ohio, significantly enhances donor reach and generosity.

Explain the impact of OMH on those whom it houses?
The Ohio Masonic Home communities give residents the opportunity to live, connect, and play with individuals that have similar interests. At OMH we have Life Enrichment Coordinators who plan events, coordinate game nights, and schedule activities that engage community members, allowing them to live life to their fullest. No matter an individual’s age or ability, The Ohio Masonic Home meets our residents where they are with care, compassion, and concern.

Can you reflect on any stories that represent the essence of OMH?
As employees, we have the benefit of seeing the positive impact The Ohio Masonic Home has on both clients and residents on a daily basis. We attempt to share stories and testimonials with our donors and supporters in numerous ways throughout the year.  We regularly receive letters of gratitude for the way we treat loved ones. Here is one from a daughter about her mother:

“My mother has not had an easy life and she never wanted anyone to know. She is always smiling and upbeat. She is a very social and independent person who needs other people, interesting activities, and a chance to live her own life on her own terms, not beholden to me to conduct the daily affairs of her life. At Western Reserve Masonic Community, she has a beautiful environment in which to live. She has friends, can go to activities and events under her own power according to her own decisions, and is cared for and about. You make it possible for a daughter to keep the promise of a lifetime to her mother – to keep her safe and happy and loved when she needed it most.”

Are there Ohio Masons that live in the home? How does the bond of brotherhood improve their lives in the later years?
There are approximately 750 residents living across the three Ohio Masonic Home communities in Springfield, Waterville and Medina, Ohio. Today, approximately 65% of these residents have a Masonic affiliation. The bond of brotherhood is apparent in the fellowship as Brothers share a meal, work in the wood shop, volunteer on campus, and participate in Lodge. Brotherhood and inclusivity in our communities run deep. We often hear non-Mason residents ask, “How can I become Mason?”

What are the home’s plans for the future?
The Ohio Masonic Home and Foundation Board of Trustees recently met with Jane Straker, Director of Research and Robert Applebaum, Director of the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project at Miami University. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss population trends and the projected impact on long-term care for the state of Ohio. With the number of individuals aged 65 and older expected to double by the year 2050 there is a growing need to provide active living communities where individuals can live their best lives. The Ohio Masonic Home is in the process of expanding and repositioning facilities on its three campuses in an effort to meet this growing demand and continue to serve Ohio with compassion, care, and concern.

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